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  • Elena Kosourova

    Elena Kosourova

    Petroleum Geologist passionate about Data Science. Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elena-kosourova-b8154322/

  • Mali Akmanalp

    Mali Akmanalp

    Programmer, enjoys python, open source fan, arch-enemy of messy data, all-round nerd. Fellow at @HarvardCID

  • Anuj shah (Exploring Neurons)

    Anuj shah (Exploring Neurons)

    On a quest to learn,share and explore Neurons

  • Chris Smith

    Chris Smith

    Software engineer at Facebook, volunteer math and computer science teacher, author of the CodeWorld platform, amateur ring theorist, and Haskell enthusiast.

  • Aakanksha NS

    Aakanksha NS

    MSDS University of San Francisco | CSE NIT Calicut https://www.linkedin.com/in/aakanksha-ns/

  • Aaron Richter

    Aaron Richter

    Experimenter, content creator, data person💡📊💬 rikturr.com

  • Fabio Baccarin

    Fabio Baccarin

    I'm a brazilian data scientist living in São Paulo, Brazil. I have a bachelor's degree in Economics, with a passion for statistics and books

  • Lev Maximov

    Lev Maximov

    Thrilled about programming

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